Please check out the following resources to get started with The Discovery Bible (TDB)...

Bible Reading Accelerator

Using TDB does come easier for some than others.

So to help everyone out, we've put together some resources that will jumpstart your Bible reading with Discovery. We'll show you some examples with TDB, give you a cool digital worksheet, and even provide some downloadable word studies you can keep!

Go to the Bible Reading Accelerator now and start discovering even more treasures in God's Word.

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Video series: "Seeing what is lost in translation"

The goal of TDB is to help you see what is lost in translation so you won't miss important details in your Bible reading. If you haven't checked out the video series yet, click here to get started.

How to use TDB without a software license

Click here to sign up for our Free Version.

How to use TDB if you already have a software license

Click here to watch a video about how to activate your software license.

Three TDB Reading Features that will Revolutionize your Bible Reading

Click here to learn more.


TDB Scripture Demos
  1. John 3:16 in under 4 minutes
  2. Proverbs 3:5-6 in 3 1/2 minutes (this was recorded years ago with the equipment available, so please excuse the video quality.)

TDB Scripture Lessons from Gen 22:18
Take our free Scripture lessons here.

TDB Scripture Lessons on NT and OT

TDB Video Tutorial

Click here to watch a 7-min tutorial on how to use The Discovery Bible software (if you haven't done so already).

TDB Introductory Webinar

A 3-part training series on how to read God's word like never before is available here... 

TDB Cheat Sheet

Click here for a cheat sheet (visual summary with screenshots) for how to use The Discovery Bible software in seven simple steps.