NOTE: You can extend your free trial once only. If this is your first time, please find the case below that applies to you and follow the steps accordingly. (Re-installing Discovery Bible Software on the same computer is not going to extend your free trial.)

Case 1: If your free trial has not expired yet...

Until your free trial expires, you will find a line on the front page of Discovery Bible Software that reads: 
"Click here if you need more time" (please click this blue link in the software, a couple of days before your free trial expires).

[While your free trial is active, every time you re-open the software, you will also be reminded of the blue link above in a pop-up dialog box containing a green "Buy Now" button. (Please ignore this purchase button as the link is broken.)]

Case 2: If your free trial expired already (and you did not extend it before it expired)...

Sign up for the Bible Reading Accelerator as it comes with a 14-day extension of your free trial and much more.
  1. Click here to sign up. 
  2. After signing up, please click over to the digital worksheet or look for an email with the link. 
  3. On the digital worksheet look for the “Download Discovery Bible” heading.
  4. Click on “Click here if you’ve already used your trial” and follow the instructions on the webpage. Just click the button on the page and you'll be taken to another page where you need to click "Complete Order". Don't worry... there are no payment details required. This process simply generates a license for you which will be sent to your email.

Case 3: You already requested a free trial extension but do not know what to do next.
After redeeming your free trial extension voucher, click here to watch a video if you need help with locating your 14-day license and activating it. (If you can't find the email with your license, click here.)