You may be getting an activation error with your Discovery Bible Software (DBS) license because it was already activated 3 times or more. Your DBS license should not be activated on more than 3 computers (or 1 computer if it was a gift license). Once you reach a maximum of 3 activations for your license, you will get an activation error.

Please submit a ticket with answers to the following questions, so we can check our records for your license and guide you further:

1. Are you able to confirm that your DBS license was activated on 3 computers? (If the answer is “no”, please explain.)

2. Would you still want to use your DBS license on another computer that you own, if that means uninstalling it from one of your original computers permanently?

3. Could you please list every computer and the owner for each on which your DBS license has been running before you contacted us? (Please only mention instances of DBS license activations we have never told you were transferred and/or deactivated .)

4. Do you own all of the computers in each of the earlier questions that apply? (If not, please give details.)

NOTE: If your answers to Q1 & Q2 above are "Yes", please click here for instructions on how to remove a previous license activation.